Monsters Born

The Daleks represent a perfect idea of what a hate filled species look like trying to destroy all life different from its own. Davros is the progenitor of all Daleks since their creation ages ago on the planet Skaro before the time war waged against them and the time lords.As Davros story began on planet Skaro, he takes the place of his people lead scientist studying new ways of guarantying his survival. Caused in the event of a seemingly endless his perception of everything changes tearing away the weakness of emotions. Not much is known about Davros mental state before the genetic experimentations done on his populace in an attempt to survive the end of the thousand year war resulting in washing away all weakness.
What’s interesting to me is how he believes emotions impedes survival instincts. Stories of righteous justice tie into this journey a struggle between two enemies fight in across the ages. All the episodes chuck full of lessons showed in deeds by heroes that make an outrageous statement making one question aspects of life you as a viewer would do them self. New possibilities presented in the form of situations created by the doctor. All of what made this set of events epic was that, funnily enough, the time lords actively despised the idea of Daleks being brought creation. So they tasked the doctor with their destruction before they become ancient enemies who swore to decimate Gallifrey. An important factor no one seemed to consider is that the doctor’s humanity is a liability to all worlds under time lord control. Interactions the two foes didn’t always end pleasant for either one but still mercy was given even though it could never be reciprocated. The betrayal by his creation came as a surprise to Davros since he considered them his children born out of love and loyalty to Skaro society. Using a virus once created to cleanse Daleks from creation Davros kills all on comers but eventually succumbs to it himself due to similarities in their genetics. Thus ending a genocidal army from aspiring towards their goal as the only species alive wiping clean the universe of false life.