Cyber Man

The Cyberman are a good example of what we must pay for advancements in technology in the loss of humanity and individuality. It’s beginning on earth long ago where a rich person decided to improve the human race by implanting cyber technology into both willing and none willing candidates leading to more extreme measures as time goes on. They face such an enemy could be a notable foe to the time lord known as the Doctor is quite the feet. The Cybermen seem not emanate except for the dormant head of one, which is observed in a private museum of strange artifacts on Earth in the chapter “Dalek.” For series 2 in 2006, Cybermen were reintroduced by a different origin tale set in a lateral world. Meanwhile, the Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel two-part narrative, the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and his friends crash-land in an identical London where some Cybermen are being devised on modern-day Earth. The Cybermen are invented by the proprietor of Cybus Industries, the terminal transhumanist deranged scientist John Lumic (Roger Lloyd-Pack). Lumic’s Cybermen, fortunately, convert much of the planet population by placing their individual brains into robotic cases. The Doctor and his companions save London from their power. A human revolution group, the Preachers, then commences about to clean up the remainder of Lumic’s factories around the world like they were Carpet Cleaning Calgary. The Cybermen renter in the 2006 finale “Army of Ghosts”/”Doomsday”, utilizing a breach connecting cosmos to invade the Doctor’s Earth. This rupture is caused by a carrier device belonging to the Daleks, who reveal themselves and trigger an all-out war amid the species. The Doctor eventually re-opens the break, causing the Cybermen and all but a some Daleks to become ensnared inside before it is re-sealed. Cybermen next appear in Doctor Who Christmas special “The Next Doctor”, appearing in 1851 London behind the Daleks damaged the barriers of reality in the past episode. They strive to establish a new army on Earth using limited technology but are again foiled by the Doctor. Further, in the future, we see the Cyberman as conquers that took control of many galaxies converting billions of lives that eventually didn’t just included humans. The human empire even fought against them and decided that destroying a whole solar system was preferable to them spreading like a disease. This idea sickens the doctor but he understood this decision knowing full well that whole worlds have fallen to a mistake made one a long time ago.