Master of Your Fate



missy is the master

The Master in bodies the madness that certain all people have stained their minds making all these great victories throughout history possible, from the power that can be extracted from it. The creativity needs to make us convinced that the Master was a recurring villain driven only by dreams of world domination and outlandishness idea that his drums would stop. When I think about it, this character it combines attributes from many antagonists though none more than Professor Moriarty in balance to the Doctor’s Sherlock Holmes behavior. He first appeared in the episode Terror of the Autons. The Master’s Name gave him particular renown amongst the time lords since he stood apart from the doctor in the fact he was deliberately chosen through destiny itself to challenge Rasalon and the Council of Gallifrey. Because like the Doctor, the master was liable to the laws of others including Daleks, which I find hilarious since Gallifrey hate Skaro’s plague so much they waged a war across all time. The quickly acted revenge plan in a sketch of the resurrection of the master in the doctors tardis reveals an unknown truth that shocked me, that when inquiring about the doctors eye he did a DNA test proofing him half human. Suggesting he was inferior instead of equal, perhaps even superior rank, to the Doctor. The Master had one man in mind for the epic string of misfortunate events to unravel on, who has a long history of cool scenes of villainy and had already made many attempts to break into the genre. He had worked previously with the Kraken as well as other legendary monsters and was a good friend of many time lords even though they use dial phones in their tardis’s. It’s interesting that the time this show began cell phones hadn’t been invented showing distinct creative limitations in the past episodes. The primary means of communication for time lords is cell phones that can connect to any number across time and space, which makes it difficult to get any cell phone repair done.

Twists are just part of the Masters story made more apparent when he is found trillions of years in the future at the end of the universe after regarding the timelord part of his DNA and regenerating. He stole the tardis but got stuck in London, so he became the Prime Minister, the Master uses his nemesis TARDIS to recruit the Toclafane as allies, having them kill one-tenth of the world’s population. The Master later expires following refusing to regenerate, unwilling to continue since being the Doctor’s prisoner would be a fate worse than death. Since his passing emotionally damages the Doctor, the Master views that as a victory.The Doctor cremates the Master’s corpse on a pyre. His ring endures, which is plucked up by a lady with long, bright red fingernails. The last genuine, interesting part of this monsters tale is when he come back as a partially restored timelord and tries to conquer the planet at the end of time. Only to finally realize Rasalon used a signal planted in his brain that he thought were just drums are driving him mad. But what hit home is when he saved the doctor from the council and chose to die free of the song that tormented him.