The Eleventh Doctor initial appears in the last scene of The End of Time (2010) during his previous incarnation regenerates. Smith appearance fully in “The Eleventh Hour”, where he first joins Amy Pond as a child while examining a mysterious crack in her wall. Many years later, Amy joins the Doctor as his traveling partner on the eve of her wedding to Rory Williams. In “Victory of the Daleks”, he is deceived into creating a new age of Daleks. In “The Time of Angels”/”Flesh and Stone”, he re-encounters likely companion River Song and his opponents the Weeping Angels and sees that cracks resembling the one in Amy’s wall are deleting individuals completely from time and space. After Amy tries to tempt the Doctor, the Doctor recruits Rory as a second comrade from “The Vampires of Venice” up till “Cold Blood”, where he is slain protecting the Doctor and is expunged from history. The Silence revealed to be a sacred organization, to assassinate him and remove him from time like thier junk pick up. Continue reading I AM THE DOCTOR

Cyber Man

The Cyberman are a good example of what we must pay for advancements in technology in the loss of humanity and individuality. It’s beginning on earth long ago where a rich person decided to improve the human race by implanting cyber technology into both willing and none willing candidates leading to more extreme measures as time goes on. They face such an enemy could be a notable foe to the time lord known as the Doctor is quite the feet. The Cybermen seem not emanate except for the dormant head of one, which is observed in a private museum of strange artifacts on Earth in the chapter “Dalek.” For series 2 in 2006, Cybermen were reintroduced by a different origin tale set in a lateral world. Meanwhile, the Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel two-part narrative, the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and his friends crash-land in an identical London where some Cybermen are being devised on modern-day Earth. The Cybermen are invented by the proprietor of Cybus Industries, the terminal transhumanist deranged scientist John Lumic (Roger Lloyd-Pack). Lumic’s Cybermen, fortunately, convert much of the planet population by placing their individual brains into robotic cases. The Doctor and his companions save London from their power. A human revolution group, the Preachers, then commences about to clean up the remainder of Lumic’s factories around the world like they were Carpet Cleaning Calgary. Continue reading Cyber Man

Master of Your Fate



missy is the master

The Master in bodies the madness that certain all people have stained their minds making all these great victories throughout history possible, from the power that can be extracted from it. The creativity needs to make us convinced that the Master was a recurring villain driven only by dreams of world domination and outlandishness idea that his drums would stop. When I think about it, this character it combines attributes from many antagonists though none more than Professor Moriarty in balance to the Doctor’s Sherlock Holmes behavior. He first appeared in the episode Terror of the Autons. The Master’s Name gave him particular renown amongst the time lords since he stood apart from the doctor in the fact he was deliberately chosen through destiny itself to challenge Rasalon and the Council of Gallifrey. Because like the Doctor, the master was liable to the laws of others including Daleks, which I find hilarious since Gallifrey hate Skaro’s plague so much they waged a war across all time. The quickly acted revenge plan in a sketch of the resurrection of the master in the doctors tardis reveals an unknown truth that shocked me, that when inquiring about the doctors eye he did a DNA test proofing him half human. Suggesting he was inferior instead of equal, perhaps even superior rank, to the Doctor. The Master had one man in mind for the epic string of misfortunate events to unravel on, who has a long history of cool scenes of villainy and had already made many attempts to break into the genre. He had worked previously with the Kraken as well as other legendary monsters and was a good friend of many time lords even though they use dial phones in their tardis’s. It’s interesting that the time this show began cell phones hadn’t been invented showing distinct creative limitations in the past episodes. The primary means of communication for time lords is cell phones that can connect to any number across time and space, which makes it difficult to get any cell phone repair done. Continue reading Master of Your Fate

Monsters Born

The Daleks represent a perfect idea of what a hate filled species look like trying to destroy all life different from its own. Davros is the progenitor of all Daleks since their creation ages ago on the planet Skaro before the time war waged against them and the time lords.As Davros story began on planet Skaro, he takes the place of his people lead scientist studying new ways of guarantying his survival. Caused in the event of a seemingly endless his perception of everything changes tearing away the weakness of emotions. Not much is known about Davros mental state before the genetic experimentations done on his populace in an attempt to survive the end of the thousand year war resulting in washing away all weakness.
What’s interesting to me is how he believes emotions impedes survival instincts. Stories of righteous justice tie into this journey a struggle between two enemies fight in across the ages. All the episodes chuck full of lessons showed in deeds by heroes that make an outrageous statement making one question aspects of life you as a viewer would do them self. New possibilities presented in the form of situations created by the doctor. All of what made this set of events epic was that, funnily enough, the time lords actively despised the idea of Daleks being brought creation. So they tasked the doctor with their destruction before they become ancient enemies who swore to decimate Gallifrey. An important factor no one seemed to consider is that the doctor’s humanity is a liability to all worlds under time lord control. Interactions the two foes didn’t always end pleasant for either one but still mercy was given even though it could never be reciprocated. The betrayal by his creation came as a surprise to Davros since he considered them his children born out of love and loyalty to Skaro society. Using a virus once created to cleanse Daleks from creation Davros kills all on comers but eventually succumbs to it himself due to similarities in their genetics. Thus ending a genocidal army from aspiring towards their goal as the only species alive wiping clean the universe of false life.

The Doctor

The doctor who series may be one of the world’s most epic television shows every created in my opinion. Spinning a tale so grand that three generations of fans could still find it relative, despite a growing separation of societal values and shifting perspectives. Starting in 1963 with the show depicts a Man named the doctor who comes from a species known as time lords, with a tendency to be a rebel he borrowed a tardis( time and relative dimension in space) to go on spectacular adventures. The Tardis brings a different concept to what time travel can be since it can move through the various forms of dimensions even ones where time rift doesn’t exist. Time rift energy is created by pockets in time releasing these energies at different points. Seeing as what in occupies the Tardis main frame is a trans dimesional being capable of inhabiting time at numerous points. A type 40 tardis placed in the repair sector of a building area taken by a mad old who wanted to steal a magic box to live a dream seeing stars, suns, galaxies, and the end of everything. Showing that no matter how long it takes you should never give up on you purpose just because someone says you should.

At the age of 600 years old, we see an old doctor take a Tardis from his home planet of Gallifrey to Earth a planet inhabited by humans. England is the central area in which he happens to have his adventures though more eras and world visited on occasion. The Master is another time lord who plays as one antagonist plotting the downfall of the doctor even though they were friends of their youth. During the first season of Doctor Who, you watch his granddaughter and her teachers who become the first companions after joining the doctor. These people round out the story by bringing different personalities and experiences to the mix. Through the seasons, you get an idea of why he choose to avoid his responsibilities as a time lord while breaking fundamental rules created by ancient Gallifrey society. Hint’s may have been given to why he should see to a planet that in comparison to his own was a baby crawling into unknown circumstances. His typical response this is a general interest in helping defenseless beings survive increasing dangerous situations. Lending a hand to who every needs one, with a touch of comedic style for good effect.